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Welcome to my domain. This "webpage" doesn't obey the rules you're used to and everything here is entirely under my control. Prepare yourself for absolute distortion under the domain of The Enforcer! ...did that sound cool? I'd like to say that sounded cool. Anyway, hi. You can call me Enforcer (they/them or xe/xem) and I'm the creator of this webpage and will be your host. I'm your local genderless legendary guardian of virtual pet sites, darkness, and neon. Here you can find stuff about me, my characters, my real and virtual pets, and other things that I think are neat. I hope you enjoy being here. I don't have a guest book or polls on what you think I should add or anything because you have no say in this world. Also, using external scripts makes me nervous. In all seriousness, if you want to send me feedback or suggestions, contact me at one of the outlets below. Also, quick warning: there will be bright colors, eyestrain, animated GIFs, and potentially disturbing story content on my pages. I provide trigger warnings for potentially disturbing content on my character pages - if you want one where there isn't one now, let me know.

By the way, if you're wondering where I get my graphics - if content isn't otherwise credited, it's either modified from Neopets images, mostly background SWFs (you can find my graphics in that regard here) or created by yours truly. The images on my buttons for Art Portfolio, Graphics, and World Page are from Windows XP icons.


6/26/2022 - Technically, I'm writing this at 11:46 PM on the 25th, but who's counting? Anyway, the graphics page has gotten a small layout revamp and I've added some new high res Neopets SWF backgrounds. I also now have a page for my Cats' End endeavors, although it's really just a wishlist.

On a more meta front, I've been thinking of some format changes to my WHATverse character pages which will hopefully help me get them out faster, so you will be getting worldbuilding updates soon! Honest!

6/25/2022 - Added a new (and my first) post to my Pokemon Go blog. Read it if you want to see my haul and opinions concerning Deino Community Day.

6/17/2022 - My sona now has a shiny new human ref.

6/16/2022 - Elaphe, my Pokemon Go trainersona now has a page up. It's pretty much just an expansion of their bio from Flight Rising.

6/13/2022 - I guess I'm doing Art Fight.

5/22/2022 - Finally added a page for my Pokemon Go endeavors. It's split into multiple HTML files!

5/18/2022 - Added a simple pronoun/term card. Most of it isn't likely to come up online since people don't usually address me with anything except my username or "hey you", which I'm fine with, but if you want to read it, do so.

5/6/2022 - I exist on Pixel Cat's End now. Thus far, I'm not very impressed.

4/30/2022 - Added a page for my Goatlings endeavors, but for now, it's just an unformatted, unceremonious list of items I'm looking for because I couldn't fit it in a goat description.

4/17/2022 - I've changed my URL to draggianuniverse! If you have any links, please update them! Throughout the week, I'm going to work on getting affiliates and webrings back up to date and updating internal links + from my presences. If I missed any, let me know!

4/16/2022 - The EE essay is finally finished! I might make a separate page for essays because I do get rather wordy and do a tldr version on EE's page for ease of perusal.

4/9/2022 - EE is being retired as an active character and her page is being reworked to conceptualize her in a healthier way in reference to my mental health. It'll be in the format of an essay about her development and then the standard design, art gallery, attributes, etc. All first-person character writing and stories on EE's page have been removed. It's also got a less eyeburny & dark layout now.

4/6/2022 - I'm on Goatlings now! It's cute, but I'm not totally sure what I'm going to do there. Never was able to get that invested in mammals and I'm only doing detailed art/lore on ONE virtual pet site along with my OCs. Also, I'm now in the West Hollywood section of neo-neighborhoods. Check out them and my neighbors!

3/22/2022 - EE's page has been updated to use screen-scaling code and should look nicer on smaller screens now. Also, her art sections have been changed to a grid format for easier perusal. They might get linked to full size (for the ones that aren't linked for credit at request of the artist) whenever I feel like linking 200+ images. The graphics page also now has a nicer layout and scales with screen size.

3/21/2022 - Hi! I have a changelog now! Uploaded my graphics page from Neopets, added a new, expanded About Me page featuring my new, improved sona, and changed the icon style for the 88*31 buttons for my personal pages. Also have a new character page for my main cosmology, but other than a pixel portrait, some traits, and a spiffy layout that's the closest to Modern Web I'll ever get, there's not much to see there yet. I've been really inspired with my characters lately (and am realizing how desperately some of these kids need layout updates and/or worldbuilding-consistency rewrites), so more updates are coming soon.

My Online Presences

Websites I exist on. If you see something else under the username "TheEnforcer" that's not listed here, it's probably me, I just didn't deem it important enough to my overall presence to list here. Feel free to contact me to ask if you want to make sure it's me. For crediting art to me, I prefer to be credited with my username on whatever site you're using it on or a link to this page. If I'm not on the website you're using and it doesn't allow offsite links, give me a textual credit to Flight Rising or this page e.g. "by TheEnforcer @ FR" or "by draggianuniverse offsite".


Outlets I regularly use. If you want to contact me, do it at one of these places.


Sites I either used to use but don't regularly anymore or tried out and couldn't get invested in. If you contact me on any of these, don't expect a timely response. They're mostly just here for posterity and in case you want to credit me on one of them. And because for some reason, most modern virtual pet sites don't let you delete/deactivate accounts.


Personal Pages

The Enforcer
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Games & Such

Pokemon GoGoatlings

Main Universe Characters

Nearly all of these pages are ported and modified from their original forms as petpages on Neopets. If your art or other content is on one of my pages here and you don't want it there, let me know and I'll remove it.

Important Worldbuilding Information

The link below goes to my World Page (TM), on which I describe the particularities of the world in which my characters reside and briefly list all of my universe's characters.

World Page

The Plot

Characters who are involved in my primary plot and cosmology which I like to call "suburban fantasy". It's got a suburb of indeterminate location, fantastic powers, multidimensional creatures, Pokemon Go, weird science, people who are also anthropomorphic snakes, and possibly the impending end of the world. It's set in Dragga, my original world.

The DegenerateSubject DWPacoro, Rose of MaliceXiampeXyra

Non-Canon Characters

Characters who have no involvement in the primary lore. They may exist outside of any specific setting just because I like them or be retired characters whose pages are staying up for historical reasons.

Historical Pages

These characters are no longer receiving new content.