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Greetings and salutations! Welcome to Draggian Universe, the deific domain and/or diary of your most esteemed and exalted Enforcer (they/them or xe/xem), your friendly neighborhood genderless neon and/or dark deity. BTdubstep, the Enforcer is queer, trans, and neurodivergent, abortion and trans care are necessary healthcare and are human rights, Black Lives Matter, capitalism and racism will destroy us, and the climate crisis is real and requires urgent action. If you think any of those things are "debates", get out.

Here you can find stuff about a variety of things, including a sprawling OC lorebase that's been festering and expanding since its introduction on Neopets in 2020, information about Enforcer themself and their interests, lots of fanfic, an archive of Pokemon Go's lore, rants about bands of questionable quality, and anything else Enforcer thinks is neat. There will be no guest books, external comments, polls or anything else because you have no say in this world.

Warning: Pages on this website may contain the following elements. Please keep this in mind while browsing, especially if you're coming from one of Enforcer's virtual pet site presences. If you want a warning somewhere there isn't one now, contact Enforcer and they'll add it for you.

  • Bright colors/eyestrain, including in animated GIFs
  • Potentially disturbing story content -- trigger warnings are provided on all character and writing pages.
  • Swearing. Most work averages around PG-13, some gets darker.

All content on these pages was either created by Enforcer, edited from Neopets images, or based on official Windows icons or default backgrounds unless otherwise credited.


9/25/2023 - Elixsha Dayle, the WHAT team's unpaid high school intern, now has a ref and a more fleshed-out page. The introductory bio format, based on my petsite bios, will also replace the intro stories on other WHATverse pages because it's clearer and more concise to get a rundown of who the characters are to contextualize their stories, and they're faster and more fun for me to write. The current intro stories will be moved to their characters' "Files" sections.

9/01/2023 - Escape the Fate has a new album, so I reviewed it on the Music Scene hub. The reviews are a bit less detailed than my Falling In Reverse reviews because there's less to make fun of lyrically speaking and I'm not the same level of invested.

8/28/2023 - Now that Go Fest Global has happened, relevant texts from its research have been added to the Pokemon Go archives.

8/26/2023 - I have a new fanfic, in which the team leaders go to Castelia City for the Go Fest 2023 city tour. It contains Spark and Arlo doing cute tourist stuff, a minor infodump about how Mega Rayquaza works, and a reasonable number of the expected Escape the Fate references.

8/17/2023 - The Pokemon Go archives have been split into separate HTML files for each section for faster loading times and easier navigation, along with the CSS on their headings getting some minor tweaks. Go Fest 2023 in person research texts have been added to the pages for the relevant team leaders.

7/28/2023 - Comprehensive reviews of every Falling In Reverse album (and all of the non-album original singles other than demos) have been added to the music scene hub, as has a link to my personal music spreadsheet.

7/27/2023 - I now have a hub page for my music scene-related ramblings, including my Situations translation and The Drug In Me Is You, Summarized By Calvin and Hobbes, with No Context, having been moved there from the Miscellaneous Ramblings hub.

7/25/2023 - Relevant Catching Some Z's and Axew Community Day texts have been added to the Pokemon Go archives.

7/22/2023 - I have a new fanfic, in which Arlo and Jet get a new coworker. Read it here. Also, to make browsing easier, internal links no longer open in new tabs. External links still will.

7/18/2023 - The Goatlings hub page has been expanded and now includes explanations of why I chose the ADs I did for my Discography Project, complete with snarky takes and opinions on the songs the goats are based on. Speaking of songs, I translated Situations by Escape the Fate into Spanish. You know, for fun, like you do.

7/14/2023 - I have a new fanfic. Well, technically Arlo does. Specifically, he wrote a self-insert fic about himself and Ronnie Radke, except the latter is a time traveler from 2006 and also a werewolf. Read it here.

7/05/2023 - I'm doing Art Fight, for real this time. I'll attack folks who volunteer themselves on my target hunting thread on FR or who attack me. I won't be seeking folks out this year since this is my first year making any serious attempt.

6/24/2023 - Another fanfic OC, Lane, the bartender from the Sleepless Bakery, now has a design. You can find it on my fanfic art page.

6/23/2023 - There's a new art piece on my fanfic art page, giving a design to Jet, Arlo's research assistant.

6/03/2023 - I have a new fanfic and the first one with multiple chapters since Guys Being Dudes. In this one, Arlo tries to make himself more evil after getting concerned that he's "gone soft" after his yearly performance review. It works a little too well. Read it here.

5/29/2023 - WHATverse bad girl Likoa has gotten a much-needed ref update.

5/28/2023 - I have a new fanfic, because Shadow Raids are terminally uninteresting. In this one, both sets of leaders notice that too, so they go have a traditional beach episode, but not the kind you might be thinking of. Also, in plot advancement, Arlo ends up with a new research assistant and possible kindred spirit.

5/27/2023 - I have a new fanfic in which Arlo's hoodie breaks and he and Spark shop for a replacement. It's more interesting than it sounds. Read it here.

5/24/2023 - My fanfic worldbuilding page has gotten some updates, including more elaboration on how my version of the Pokemon world overall works.

5/23/2023 - Hey, fellow queer emo beings. I made a manifesto about possible reclamation of the word "emosexual".

5/18/2023 - The Shadow Raids promo video (linked via Invidious) and Valorous Hero texts have been added to the Pokemon Go archives. Also, the lists of Pokemon used by the Go Rocket leaders have been removed because they don't have any lore meaning due to them continually swapping.

5/09/2023 - Recent promo images and Instinctive Hero texts have been added to the Pokemon Go archives.

5/06/2023 - Since Lorwolf's officially launched, hang out with me there! Also, Dimensional Hissi adoptables have been added to the graphics page.

5/01/2023 - All pages for which it is applicable (aka: everything except this one and my stimboard) now have toggleable dark mode! It'll be in a button at the top of the page and/or in the hamburger menu on the top left depending on the page and what device you're on. I don't save cookies, so you'll need to manually activate it whenever you visit a page if you want it.

4/30/2023 - The inventory section on my sona's page now describes their smartphone. They also have a new art piece.

4/29/2023 - My sona now has information on their page about their signature weapon, Administration, and their page now has toggleable dark mode.

4/26/2023 - The WHATverse subpages now use consistent stylesheets, including toggleable dark mode. If you're on mobile, you'll find this in the hamburger menu. If you're on desktop, you'll find it on new buttons on the top right. Also, the 404 page now has an updated site directory. RIP to the 88*31 buttons.

4/23/2023 - Thanks to the good folks at Jellyneo's Book Of Ages, my Neopets history question has been resolved. Here's the fascinating result that they emailed me.

4/22/2023 - I have a new fanfic. Want to see how Arlo responds to an unwanted question about the morality of what he does? Then read In Throws Of A Moral Quandary. I also have a new miscellaneous rant, this one focusing on a Neopets history research rabbit hole I ended up falling into and will continue to dig through.

4/20/2023 - Do you want to commission me for art? Well, my art page has a newly established terms & conditions page if you do.

4/13/2023 - Blanche's research texts from the Mystic Hero event are now up on the Pokemon Go archives.

4/10/2023 - Finally wrote down my sona's self-indulgent backstory.

4/01/2023 - No April Fools' jokes here, but I have added some new high resolution Neopets backgrounds to the graphics page.

3/28/2023 - Enforcer's art by others section got very long and was hurting the loading time on their page, so it's been split into its own HTML file.

3/24/2023 - Xiampe has a new, short lore segment. It's got some nifty worldbuilding and more demonstrations of Xyra being a total jerkwad.

3/03/2023 - I have a new post on my Pokemon Go blog describing some improvements I thought of to the nickname change system.

2/28/2023 - Team GO Rocket leader texts from Las Vegas Hoenn Tour have been added to the Pokemon Go archives. Note that I got these from datamines so I'm not 100% sure on whether the battle quotes' positioning is accurate. If you were at Hoenn Tour and can confirm or deny this, please contact me!

2/17/2023 - The Pokemon Go archives have been updated with some text lines I missed on previous go-arounds.

1/29/2023 - Xiampe has a new lore segment of sorts. I answered some question prompts for him. They're debatably canon, but might still be fun for someone to read. You can read it here.

1/26/2023 - The Dudebro King Of Darkness has a ref now.

1/13/2023 - My Pokemon Go-related OCs now have their own subsection of the hub page so that The Dudebro King Of Darkness, relocated from FR, has somewhere to go.

1/03/2023 - Happy New Year, everybody. Start your 2023 off right with a new fanfic, which will remain untitled until I think of a relevant song and/or lyric. It's about infodumping as an expression of love, Powerpoints, and Escape the Fate and has Spark and Arlo being adorable and exploration of my version of Team Mystic.

12/25/2022 - Joyous Saturnalia, everybody! Elaphe has gotten a redesign to make zem look less like my sona. Also, my friend codes in various games are now listed on the homepage under my online presences.

12/20/2022 - I have a new fanfic. This one explores what would happen if Shadow Pokemon effects happened to a human with all the hurt/comfort vibes you crave and Falling In Reverse references you expect from me. Introducing Reverse Mode.

12/17/2022 - Several pages, including this one, now have super cool CSS gradient backgrounds!

12/16/2022 - I now have a stimboard of sorts. If you want to see a haphazard collage of images that bring me joy, there you go. Also, in case you missed it, the WHATverse now has a hub page/character hub separate from my world page and with updated blurbs.

12/15/2022 - The site directory on the homepage has been updated to be more streamlined, accessible, mobile-friendly, and generally better. Also updated the intro paragraph to fit more with my modern style. Don't worry, the 88*31 buttons are alive and well on the 404 page.

12/13/2022 - This is a thing that exists now. I think that about sums it up.

12/12/2022 - WHATverse girlboss Xyra now has an intro story. It's got some fun worldbuilding, character motivations, animum technobabble, and a smattering of monster romance.

12/02/2022 - The fanfic subpages got some CSS updates and now look nicer. (also, does anyone know why I have to re-add updates to my separate file stylesheets from their original version every time I edit one of them?) Also, there's now a page for art I've created or commissioned concerning my Spark/Arlo pair because when I hyperfixate, you all suffer the consequences.

11/28/2022 - I now have a page for my fanfic's worldbuilding and character info, which also nicely doubles as a repository of my Pokemon Go headcanons.

11/20/2022 - My Pokemon Go blog has a new post. It's not really Pokemon Go-related, but is still Pokemon. It concerns my opinions on Pokemon Scarlet/Violet now that the game's been officially released.

11/06/2022 - All pages except this one, the Pokemon Go hub and subpages, and the fanfic subpages now have prettier, more mobile-friendly navigation bars.

11/01/2022 - Happy November. My sona now has a (quite lengthy) playlist on their page, which also happens to be a reasonable cross-section of all the music I listen to and has some cool coding trickery going on. Also, WHATverse girlboss Xyra and chaos child DW have refs now.

10/31/2022 - My sona now has a fully updated and shiny feral/anthro ref and some bio information. Also, happy Halloween if you celebrate it.

10/22/2022 - The Cats' End page has been updated and now lists all the items I have available for sale or exchange for art. Which is all the items I have. So if you want to get your hands on them and draw me stuff, talk to me on there.

10/21/2022 - Xiampe's ref has gotten some quality of life updates, including a color palette and more information. I also remembered Dragites don't use weapons, so RIP to his knife.

10/08/2022 - I have a new fanfic. Want to read about my headcanon of Arlo and Candela's final battle, now with more angst? Well, now you can. I give you It's Just Me. It's in the same version of Pokémon Go as Guys Being Dudes and is canon to that if that sort of thing concerns you.

10/07/2022 - Links to 3D model textures on GitHub have been added for everyone on the Pokémon Go archives! Thanks to PokeMiners for making them available and to Friedslick on the pokemongodev subreddit for helping me find them. Also, the graphics page has been updated with Candy Hissi adoptables, a mail icon I remembered from Neopets, and the red equalizer, which I forgot to include in past updates.

10/04/2022 - Along with their...certainly unique outfit updates, the team leaders got some updated battle animations. So I've logged them on the Pokémon Go archives.

10/01/2022 - Remember I had a Pokémon Go blog? Well, I do, and I've added a new post there in which I discuss my opinions and critiques of the team leaders' Season Of Light outfits.

09/30/2022 - For something completely different, I have a page for any fanfics I write now! It's joined by the first of what might be many things about Pokémon Go (of course), Guys Being Dudes! It's about Spark and Arlo doing cute gay things to each other and making Escape the Fate references. It's also the longest thing I've ever written. If you want a basic lowdown, you can check out its TVtropes page.

09/18/2022 - My Cat's End page now has a button, just for completion's sake.

09/13/2022 - With the addition of content concerning the Team GO Rocket leaders, the Pokemon Go archives are now complete for your wonder and amusement! In all seriousness, I really do hope this helps someone; I made it as a resource for fans like me.

09/10/2022 - The Pokemon Go archives have now been updated with all of the content I have concerning Candela. Also, I was able to find archived backups of the Go Fest 2021 Print-At-Home kit PDFs in both A4 and 8.5*11 formats, so they're linked now. If you ever wanted to print and assemble life-size standees of the team leaders, now you can without going through Nia's Twitter and the Internet Archive.

09/06/2022 - My profiles on Goatlings and TVtropes now look nicer and contain more information. So if you want a list of tropes that apply to me, you can find it.

08/15/2022 - Deleted some inactive presences from my list here on the homepgage. I just realized it didn't make that much sense to list sites that I never really became known on to begin with.

07/24/2022 - The Pokemon Go archives have now been updated with all of the content I have concerning Blanche.

07/13/2022 - I'm moving my pages over to hosting images onsite as opposed to on Imgur. Things might load slower, but will be more futureproof. If images don't load the first time you revisit a page, reload and they'll come back. Pages like my art and graphics pages and the Pokemon Go archives are staying on Imgur for easier hotlinking. In lore news, Xiampe interviewed the chaos entity Thorn in a pretty worldbuildy dialogue-based oneshot. You can find it in his page's Files section.

07/12/2022 - Due to the fact that it had grown too large to easily maintain and is completely irrelevant to modern canon, EE's page has been taken down. My term card has also now been updated to include the languages I understand, terms of address in non-English languages, and a bit more elaboration on labels and pronouns.

07/11/2022 - WHATverse darling (and its oldest page) DW has gotten a much-needed page revamp. Also, I've made some minor visual improvements to my other pages. Some pages' color schemes were updated, all links now hover with smooth transitions, navigation bars are more consistent, all pages have custom selection colors, smaller boxes have been freed from the tyranny of scroll bars, and table backgrounds have been changed from tiled images to CSS. Also, all pages other than the Pokemon Go pages now have better mobile layouts.

07/10/2022 - Ultimate WHATverse bad girl Likoa, AKA The Degenerate has gotten a page revamp, including a more consistent color scheme, some minor layout changes to make her more consistent with other WHATverse pages, a new "stats" section, and way more about the in-universe mythology of the character. In related news, the Incarnation of Order, formerly known as Pheriana, has been renamed to Vipheriv in order to make her name more consistent in style with her fellow Incarnations and other Draggan characters.

07/08/2022 - Happy 6th Pokémon Go anniversary to me. I posted about it on the Pokémon Go blog, but it doesn't contain substantially more information than this announcement. The blog also now has navigation for its subsections, so that when it gets enough content that you'll want to link to subsections, you can.

07/04/2022 - If you're in the States, make sure you're registered to vote, protect trans kids, and donate to the National Network of Abortion Funds. All cops are bastards, Black lives still matter, free Hawaii, abolish ICE, people's human rights are not "political".

Anyway, while I'm here, I'm working on my archive of Pokémon Go's canonical lore. Thus far, the sections concerning all 3 team leaders together and Spark are finished. Others are coming soon.

06/26/2022 - Technically, I'm writing this at 11:46 PM on the 25th, but who's counting? Anyway, the graphics page has gotten a small layout revamp and I've added some new high res Neopets SWF backgrounds. I also now have a page for my Cats' End endeavors, although it's really just a wishlist.

On a more meta front, I've been thinking of some format changes to my WHATverse character pages which will hopefully help me get them out faster, so you will be getting worldbuilding updates soon! Honest!

06/25/2022 - Added a new (and my first) post to my Pokémon Go blog. Read it if you want to see my haul and opinions concerning Deino Community Day.

06/17/2022 - My sona now has a shiny new human ref.

06/16/2022 - Elaphe, my Pokémon Go trainersona now has a page up. It's pretty much just an expansion of their bio from Flight Rising.

06/13/2022 - I guess I'm doing Art Fight.

05/22/2022 - Finally added a page for my Pokémon Go endeavors. It's split into multiple HTML files!

05/18/2022 - Added a simple pronoun/term card. Most of it isn't likely to come up online since people don't usually address me with anything except my username or "hey you", which I'm fine with, but if you want to read it, do so.

05/06/2022 - I exist on Pixel Cat's End now. Thus far, I'm not very impressed.

04/30/2022 - Added a page for my Goatlings endeavors, but for now, it's just an unformatted, unceremonious list of items I'm looking for because I couldn't fit it in a goat description.

04/17/2022 - I've changed my URL to draggianuniverse! If you have any links, please update them! Throughout the week, I'm going to work on getting affiliates and webrings back up to date and updating internal links + from my presences. If I missed any, let me know!

04/06/2022 - I'm on Goatlings now! It's cute, but I'm not totally sure what I'm going to do there. Never was able to get that invested in mammals and I'm only doing detailed art/lore on ONE virtual pet site along with my OCs. Also, I'm now in the West Hollywood section of neo-neighborhoods. Check out them and my neighbors!

03/22/2022 - The graphics page now has a nicer layout and scales with screen size.

03/21/2022 - Hi! I have a changelog now! Uploaded my graphics page from Neopets, added a new, expanded About Me page featuring my new, improved sona, and changed the icon style for the 88*31 buttons for my personal pages. Also have a new character page for my main cosmology, but other than a pixel portrait, some traits, and a spiffy layout that's the closest to Modern Web I'll ever get, there's not much to see there yet. I've been really inspired with my characters lately (and am realizing how desperately some of these kids need layout updates and/or worldbuilding-consistency rewrites), so more updates are coming soon.

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