Elixsha Dayle, or just Dayle for short, moved around a lot as a kid, following the archaeological expeditions of one of their two dads: Zaydio Dayle, a legendary mythologist and animum researcher who scoured Dragga's most remote areas looking for artistic and archaeological evidence to determine the existence of any possible grains of truth in the ancient stories of the devastation wrought by Likoa. Zaydio loved telling his kids, Dayle and their little brother Tante, fabulous tales of the myths he learned about and the adventures he'd went on, inspiring Dayle's fascination with the strange and supernatural and sense of adventure, and started taking them along with him once they got old enough. Tante was still too little, so Adio, Zaydio's husband and a computer programmer, stayed at wherever Zaydio's research outpost was at the time taking care of the kid.

However, after a couple too many artifacts got maybe broken a little bit courtesy of Dayle trying to swordfight with them, their role on Zaydio's missions quickly got relegated to analyzing data, taking pictures of all the artifacts, and cleaning things off, which wasn't exactly the tales of derring-do they signed up for. This, combined with them starting to struggle socially and academically in their remote classes as they approached puberty and Tante clearly not doing well with the expeditory life, convinced him to have a personal family talk with Adio. Their kids clearly needed stability, which Zaydio couldn't provide, and Adio was looking at a job with a would-be Limina competitor mobile developer in Eyendaru, so maybe settling down in the suburbs with one dad while the other traveled the world would work out well for the kids. Adio agreed, with Dayle and Tante moving into Eyendaru. After a brief and disastrous stint at the local public high school, Dayle was transferred to Eyendaru Exceptional Academy, a school priding itself on catering to those with different learning styles which were considered "disruptive" in other settings, and settled in quite well. Despite their minimal experience in the city, and interacting with Dragites any younger than Zaydio's students, they developed a close-knit group of friends and quite the following telling wild tales of their daring adventures.

Well, sort of. While the idea that they'd traveled the world on archaeological expeditions was pretty cool, Dayle didn't want to tell their new friends that most of what they did was take pictures, enter things in spreadsheets, and wipe off old pots. So they started making stuff up, describing strange occurrences and supernatural forces bound to the artifacts they'd worked with, which had followed them back home to Eyendaru, demarcating them as the chosen one of Xinonix himself and the ultimate slayer of Likoa, the one and only Enforcer of Chaos! Cultivating a heroic persona got them the attention they craved and the image of them as something distinctly cooler than a data jockey around to get them out of Adio's protofeathers deeply appealed to them, and after years of telling these stories, they started kind of believing them, so figured that their skills would be perfectly suited for the superheroic action at WHAT!

After scootering in demanding a job, they joined WHAT as an unpaid intern (since Xyra's contract with them didn't cover extra personnel), in charge of "investigating reports", AKA sitting at the front desk, greeting anyone who came in and forwarding them to the main staff, and scouring the fileshares for anything that looked enough like an animum anomaly to be worth investigating. Sure, they're still a glorified data jockey and Xiampe's made it very explicit that the void hole in his face is not a toy, what Xyra made him do to Researchy, Hurika, and Sayendrix is dangerous, and that they're not getting any supernatural powers, but hey! They have a Job! In the Community! And if they intermix insider knowledge about real anomalies with the fake ones, no one will be able to tell which is which!


  • Name: Elixsha Dayle. You can call me either of those things for short, I prefer Dayle. (pronunciation: El-EEK-sha Dayle {like "jail" but with a D})
  • Species: Sluslis (Colubris bloodline)
  • Gender: Nonbinary
  • Pronouns: they/them/their
  • Orientation: Bisexual
  • Age: 16
  • Occupation: Intern at WHAT, managing the front desk and scouring online sources for possible cases.
  • Abilities: Possesses no fantastic powers, no matter how hard they beg Xiampe. Pretty fast on a scooter, though.

Sloppy: I'm...not the best at keeping track of things, whether that's due dates or the physical papers I'm supposed to turn in.

Outgoing: I love meeting people! It's just that they don't always love meeting me. Maybe introducing myself with "hey, want to see that house where someone supposedly got murdered?" isn't a good move...

Active: I am always get up and go and go fast when I do so. It's one of the reasons I'm at EE; at my old school it made it hard for everyone else to focus. I can't think unless I'm moving; I think my brain runs on a motor.

Playful: Jokes! Games! Flights of fancy! I love them all. When I was a kid, I used to make up these huge elaborate roleplaying campaigns on the playground, but I ended up playing most of the characters.

Neutral: My friends at school say that I'm one of the nicest Dragites they've ever met and that while I don't always express it properly, they know I care. I'm not really sure if I believe them. Other people keep saying that I only care about myself and about being noticed and my lack of impulse control makes me kinda a jerk.


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