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  • Name: Hurika Ira
  • Species: Sluslis (Pythonis bloodline)
  • Gender: Demi-female
  • Pronouns: she/her, xe/xem, or they/them
  • Orientation: Aromantic lesbian
  • Age: 19
  • Occupation: Head research operative at WHAT
  • Abilities: Draining heat, freezing objects, and producing sharp, solid animum projections that behave like crystalline ice.

Neat: I require order in my working and living spaces in order to be able to function. Having a defined place for everything and knowing that it will be in that place, no matter what, provides me with a comforting sense of certainty.

Shy: I can tolerate small doses when performing status reports, but otherwise, I find interacting with others to be both tedious and draining. The world of animum is both more interesting and easier to predict.

Lazy: These basic labels are truly insufficient. It is not that I lack a drive to activity. Quite on the contrary, I am always seeking out further information and deeper exploration of topics with which I am already familiar. However, I will admit that my levels of physical activity are suboptimal. I get headaches in hot and humid conditions, and that makes up most of the weather in Eyendaru, so I do not get out much.

Serious: I have been told that I possess a wry wit in my own right, but most of the time, others' humor seems shallow or based in references or social context I do not have, and oftentimes, the behaviors I possess that others interpret as humorous were never intended as such. Continually being told how funny I am when I describe things that are important to me has rather soured me on the concept.

Mean: I do not desire to hurt people. I do not consider myself "mean" as opposed to "not functioning by the same social mores as others" which gets interpreted as such. I have difficulties in managing my tone and the level of knowledge I impart to an audience, and become infuriated when I feel that my information is being trivialized or not listened to, which happens quite often.


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