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I'm Enforcer (they/them or xe/xem), the host and webmaster of this page. I've been doing HTML in some capacity since 2014, but didn't really get my act together until 2020. I joined Neocities in 2021 after spending quite a while looking for good web hosting. I got my start with art, characterization, and HTML on Neopets, where I still am, and it's one of the number 1 influences on my style. If you're wondering what my handle is a reference to, it's not. I needed a cool title that started with "E" for a character back in 2018 and it stuck.

In case you couldn't tell, I enjoy HTML, writing, and art as hobbies. I don't consider myself to belong to any specific subculture. In fact, I take pride in defying easy classification. I'm proudly agender and just queer in general. I'm not in any "fandoms" because I don't consider the things I like to be subcultural, but I love talking about my interests. If you get me on about Pokémon Go, retro Windows, or Falling In Reverse, I probably won't stop. In terms of media, you can find a list of works I like on my TVtropes troper page. Feel free to contact me on one of the outlets listed on the homepage if you want to talk about shared interests or have recommendations for me.

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This is my sona!

Their name's Enforcer and they're a rattlesnake with wings. They're also a human sometimes. They are not a weresnake or a feathered serpent or a dragon or anything, they are just themself. They're literally me, as in the entity behind the curtain. If you want to draw them, please do so.

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Reference (By Me)

Human - Updated 6/17/2022

Snake - Updated 10/31/2022

Character Stuff
  • Name: The Most Esteemed and Exalted Enforcer, Lord of Edge, King of the Musical Murder Scene, The Most Eminent Webmaster of the Draggian Universe, and Master of All They Survey. You can call them Enforcer for short.
  • Species: They're a snake, namely some sort of generic rattlesnake with traits from other cool vipers, who happens to have wings and be a human sometimes. They are not a wyrm, amphiptere, or any other kind of dragon, they are not a naga or lamia, they are not a weresnake, and xe CERTAINLY isn't a feathered serpent. (This is your PSA that The Feathered Serpent, known varyingly as Quetzalcoatl, Kukulkan, and Q'uq'umatz, was never depicted with wings. When he's a snake at all, he's a wingless snake covered in feathers.)
  • Gender: No. To go into more detail, they're a guy. A pretty, genderless, androgynous emo guy who transcends gender and uses neutral pronouns. (agender with some transmasc tendencies)
  • Pronouns: they/them or xe/xem
  • Age: Transcends time and space, the question is meaningless.
  • Orientation: Aromantic, probably ace-spec? Interested in the abstract concept of feminine, androgynous, and neutral people.
  • Occupation: Deity of darkness, neon, aesthetics (especially the dark and neon ones), and virtual pet sites. Living xyr best life with deific powers they don't really need because most of what they do with them is play virtual pet games and listen to Falling In Reverse. Does as xe pleases.
  • Abilities: Various flashy stuff that isn't especially useful except for aesthetics. Xe can manipulate light and darkness for cool effects and can also generate a soundtrack, either spontaneously or via supernaturally manipulating all nearby speaker-equipped devices. Can shift between human, snake, and anthro-snake forms. When in snake form, they can talk to other snakes. Their snake forms are also venomous and can fly. Xe's got a shapeshifting, soul-cutting blade, but are only using it as a stim toy and to hang on their wall.

T3H Enforcer's super cool playlist!!!11!11!!11!
  • got the life - korn
  • tears don't fall - bullet for my valentine
  • i don't care - fall out boy
  • game over - falling in reverse
  • levitate - hollywood undead
  • FTW (Eff The World) [S3RL Remix] - j bigga
  • king for a day - pierce the veil
  • feels like home - victims aren't we all
  • byob - system of a down
  • you want a battle? (here's a war) - bullet for my valentine
  • pain - three days grace
  • dance, dance - fall out boy
  • misery business - paramore
  • no glory - skan & krale
  • i'm bad at life - falling in reverse
  • welcome to the family - avenged sevenfold
  • goodbye graceful - falling in reverse
  • the webs we weave - escape the fate
  • wake up - black veil brides
  • thy will be done - the vex
  • the line - wage war
  • nearly witches - panic at the disco
  • bad blood - escape the fate
  • control freak - danwritessins feat. s3rl
  • courtesy call - thousand foot krutch
  • word up - korn
  • gangsta's paradise [falling in reverse cover] - coolio
  • super crush [null device remix] - distorted reality
  • house of wolves - my chemical romance
  • e for extinction - thousand foot krutch
  • thnks fr th mmrs - fall out boy
  • social climb - i don't know how but they found me
  • fuck - bring me the horizon
  • chelsea smile - bring me the horizon
  • never wanted to dance - mindless self indulgence
  • the drug in me is you - falling in reverse
  • wooly - breathe carolina
  • lying is the most fun a girl can have without taking her clothes off - panic at the disco
  • god of the mind - disturbed
  • blue burns orange - hawthorne heights
  • outer science (will stetson cover) - kagerou project
  • we are - hollywood undead
  • dirty angel - courtney jenae
  • it all adds up - shinedown
  • tragic magic - falling in reverse
  • emperor's new clothes - panic at the disco
  • there's no sympathy for the dead - escape the fate
  • killin it - krewella
  • this is how i disappear - my chemical romance
  • the birds and the bees - breathe carolina
  • the ransom - escape the fate
  • webs - alessa
  • hit the floor - linkin park
  • victorious - panic at the disco
  • do it all the time - i don't know how but they found me
  • professional griefers - deadmau5
  • phantom - natewantstobattle
  • sweat it out - breathe carolina
  • berlin wall - simon curtis
  • maximize - amaranthe
  • piece of me - bullet for my valentine
  • surface - imperative reaction
  • spells - orgy
  • friends and alibis - escape the fate
  • you know you like it [living in fiction cover] - dj snake
  • situations - escape the fate
  • before i forget - slipknot
  • reverse this curse - escape the fate
  • beat drop - simon curtis
  • sweetheart, you are sadly mistaken - alesana
  • castle in the sky - dj saitomi
  • monster - professor green
  • juarez - gerard way
  • kiss the ring - my chemical romance
  • hail to the king - avenged sevenfold
  • absinthe - i don't know how but they found me
  • darkness bleeds fotf - the used
  • whisper - burn the ballroom

Art By Me

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Art By Others

If you'd like to draw my sona, contact me with one of the outlets on the homepage.

Misc. Art By Others

Animation by Waroftheshadows @ DA! (StarsOfLuck @ Cats' End)


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