This is my About Me page!

Greetings and salutations! I'm Enforcer, the host and webmaster of this page. I go by they/them or xe/xem pronouns and I've been doing HTML in some capacity since 2014, but didn't really get my act together until 2020. I joined Neocities in 2021 after spending quite a while wandering the wasteland looking for good web hosting. I got my start with art, characterization, and HTML on Neopets, where I still am, and it's one of the number 1 influences on my style as an artist, netizen, and person. If you're wondering what my usernames are a reference to, "Enforcer" isn't a reference to anything. I just needed a cool title that started with "E" for a roleplay character back in 2018 and it stuck.

In meatspace, I'm a college student studying biology and psychology. In case you couldn't tell, I enjoy HTML, writing, and art as hobbies. I don't consider myself to any specific subculture or aesthetic. I collect and create what makes me happy. In fact, I take pride in defying easy classification. It's kind of one of my things. If you want labels, though, I'm proudly agender, a lesbian, and *noncommittal shrug* probably somewhere on the aromantic spectrum. I'm not in any "fandoms" under the traditional definition because I don't consider the things I like to be subcultural or define my identity, but I love talking about my interests. If you get me on about Pokemon Go or retro Windows, especially, I probably won't stop. In terms of media, there are all sorts of things I like which I don't feel like listing. Feel free to contact me about my media tastes if you want more details. Genre-wise, I enjoy shonen and seinen anime, anything that doesn't take itself or its tropes too seriously, and music-wise, metalcore, nu metal, emo, and other things that fall under the generalized "edgy" banner. If it'd automatically play on a MySpace page in 2008, I'll probably like it. Feel free to contact me on one of my presences listed on the homepage if you want to talk about media or have recommendations for me.

Things I Enjoy: "Edgy" aesthetics, reptiles, anime, 2000s technology and aesthetics, character creation, art, HTML, overanalyzing really frivolous things, 1337 5p34k, specifically avoiding memes, my friends, bright colors, black, asymmetrical aesthetics, etymology, world mythology, Darigan pets, sour candy, spicy food, glitchy/distorted aesthetics, Pokemon (especially Go), retro Windows, shipping myself with canon characters, specifically not being any aesthetic that ends in -core or -wave, ranting about my interests, getting request/trade art, doing art trades, kids who are old enough to be sentient, The Sims, Pokemon randomizers, metal water bottles, covering things in stickers

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Look at my pets! I love my pets!


Pretty self-explanatory, really. My animal companions from meatspace. They don't live with me at college, but are with me in spirit and when I go home for breaks.


A tiny kitten I found in a church parking lot while playing Pokemon Go on my scooter (hence the name) in 2018, who expanded to massive size. Very large, somewhat "chunky" as the kids say, and very sweet. I theorize that he is more closely related to a pillow than any kind of wildcat.


An elderly ball python who's been my main education animal, business partner, and provider of the very important resource of Snake Cuddles since 2013. Went through two humans before me. Name was given to him by previous owner after his pinkish belly. I kept it because "Pinkie Py-thon". I'm not a My Little Pony fan; I just like puns.

RIP 2006-2021

The best damn corn snake to ever live, and no, I will not accept objections to this. My first meatspace snake and the entire reason I'm invested in science outreach today. Lived with me from 2011 until the end of her natural life. Named after the Egyptian goddess during a time I was super into ancient Egypt, mythology, and cobras. OK, I'm still into all of those things, but not quite as all-consumingly.


Yeah, there's going to be a section on this page for my Neopets because I love them and while they're very important to my journey, they don't have enough modern content for me to justify giving them separate pages here. If you don't like that...why are you still on this page? You know what you signed up for when you read my intro blurb.

Kasandaria the Camouflage Hissi

My original edgelord, who's been with me and my main battle pet since way back in 2011. She likes dangerous Petpets, sarcastic humor, and knives, and that's good enough for anyone. She's also got this whole Lost Desert cobra thing going on, but not as much anymore, save that her design (which I'll draw out eventually, honest) still has a hood. I promise I'll continue her training at some point...

Deathsnake the Stealthy Magtile

__G0pHeR__ the Mutant Hissi

My first UC, acquired back in 2017. A magical girl who also kinda accidentally started a total revolution in my worldbuilding, which she ironically doesn't fit into anymore. If you're wondering why the Incarnation of Order is named "Pher", there you go. Anyway, she's a mutant Mutant Hissi. She only has one head, except in her fabulous magical girl alter-ego.

Magi the Red Erisim

Black7Pearl the Darigan Hissi

A UC dreamie starting in 2014 who got gifted to me in 2018 by the absolutely AMAZING Jav (ironhide_). He's a pretty emo boy who mixes beats.

Zune the Ada

tilleri833jhdh the Maraquan Hissi

Somehow, after years of applying for UCs and having it not work out, in 2020, I applied for this one and it did. Thanks, Caleb (calmtree)! She's an artist who makes art using seashells and stuff and her design's just a sea snake, but super queercoded.

Calli the Spyrabor

Sicarenforcer the Halloween Hissi

Neosona? More like me-opet, am I right? They're just me and they are very cool. Their name's a portmanteau of "enforcer" and sicario, "enforcer" (well, technically, enforcer-as-in-hitman while I consider myself to be more enforcer-as-in-maintains-order but it sounds cooler) in Spanish.

Scooter the Biyako

NI4NTIC the (soon to be) Candy Hissi

Impulsed because I wanted some version of the name for my Candy Hissi because it had the same color as the Pokemon Go teams. Frankly not sure what to do with them. Maybe they'll be an adaptation of some lore featuring Niantic as an eldritch abomination?

no name the Doesn't Exist

MasterGiratina the Wraith Chomby

Fanpet for one of my favorite Pokemon, adopted from the Pound because when I saw that name stuck in 2020, it stuck in my brain long afterwards.

So-and-so the Chocolate Mortog

Emolaphe the Shadow Hissi

Neosona for my Pokemon Go sona because I want art of them from people on Neopets and also wanted to own the name.

Mystinct the Primella

EnforcerArt the TBD

I'm going to be honest, they only exist to host my art page. Not sure whether to go the route of representing them as an artist or just make them invisible as is traditional for page-hoster pets.

Mickey the Rainbow Anubis

EnforcerGraphics the TBD

Same story as with EnforcerArt, just for graphics instead of art.

Skeeter the Pink Spyder


A stuck pet picked up because I wanted someone else to zap and thought the name was funny. I can't decide whether to keep zapping EnforcerArt and EnforcerGraphics or not since they've both turned into lab-exclusive colors, but not ones that resonate with me.

Murderorb the Faerie Bartamus

This is my sona!

Their name's Enforcer and they're a rattlesnake with wings. They're also a human sometimes. They are not a weresnake or a feathered serpent or a dragon or anything, they are just themself. They're literally me, as in the entity behind the curtain. If you want to draw them, please do so.

Click on the images to either open in a new tab at original size or go to the artist's page.

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Snake - Coming Soon!

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