Enforcer's Art Terms and Conditions

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You Can

  • Put my art wherever you like with credit to my Neocities, my presence on the site you're on, or in text as "Enforcer @ Draggian Universe" or "TheEnforcer".
  • Crop my art or add backgrounds to pieces that didn't have them, with credit.
  • Use my art as profile pictures or icons with credit.
  • Sell or trade characters for non-IRL currency with art I made for you attached.
  • Use a custom design I made you as one of your OCs, with credit to me for the design.
  • Use my art to link to something of yours, with credit to me in text somewhere.
  • Save my art to your computer and reupload it to your own server of choice.

You Can't

  • Edit my art in any way other than cropping or adding backgrounds to pics that didn't have them.
  • Use my art for any financial gain, including anything NFT, crypto, or blockchain-related or selling characters for IRL currency with my art attached.
  • Claim you made something I did.
  • Use anything that isn't free to use or specifically made for you.
  • Use my art for training an AI.