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Welcome to my Goatlings hub page. This is where I put stuff pertaining to my presence on Goatlings, but that didn't fit into bios there and/or that I liked better in extended HTML form. Technically, my wishlist doesn't *need* to be here, but I like having it in multiple places anyway. Also, I can swear here, so heads up for that.

If you're selling anything I want, including goats with ADs I want, please let me know. I can pay in SS, art and/or writing, or if you're into cross-site trading, FR gems or Lorwolf moonstones. Also, please DM me if you have any thoughts or compliments about my goats! I'd love to get more into socialization on Goatlings, but I dislike Discord; it moves too fast to have extended conversations there.

My Goats

This isn't going to cover all of my goats because most of them are just there because they look pretty and are manifestations of my special interests. What this will cover is my Discography Project, which I've been working on seriously since October 2022, a quest to get goats for all Falling In Reverse and Ronnie-era Escape the Fate songs that can be reasonably interpreted as Goatlings. Which is all of the EtF songs and 56 out of 67 FIR songs, not counting covers or reimaginings. Here are the songs that are being omitted, to whom it may concern. I'm not going to be making goats for them, completionism be damned.

Omitted Songs
  • Fuck The Rest -- Swear word in title.
  • Goddamn -- Swear word in title.
  • Fuck You And All Your Friends -- Swear word in title.
  • Bad Girls Club -- References IRL abuse. Also, is 100% victim blaming by volume, isn't good musically, and both makes me deeply uncomfortable for personal experience reasons and makes me want to physically astral project through Ronnie's mirror and slap him in the face with a fish because WHAT. WERE. YOU. THINKING.
  • Sexy Drug -- Technically the name isn't blocked. However, both sexual and drug references aren't allowed on Goatlings and it's both. Just because I *can* name a goat this doesn't mean I *should*.
  • Wait And See -- While it's doing a shitty job at it, it is technically a social commentary song, and thus references IRL violence and politics.
  • Right Now -- "Does Ronnie Radke have to smack a bitch?" No. Absolutely not. Songs that glorify or downplay IRL abuse should not exist, period. Also, screw this song specifically and the rest of it being whining about the Internet. I'm sorry, you are a bad guy. If it smells like shit everywhere you go, Ronald, check your shoes.
  • Drugs -- Not only is it a single real word title, the song refers to addiction, albeit metaphorically, and is also social commentary-adjacent (although again, it's doing a bad job at it). Unlike other songs with those topics e.g. Chemical Prisoner and Losing My Life, it has no segments of lyrics that are Goatlings-appropriate.
  • Brother -- Even total pieces of shit can still grieve, and deserve to have that grief respected and not used for edgelording. RIP to Ronnie's brother.
  • The Departure (Demo) -- There's a song that's actually been released with that title, putting lyrics from both in the bio would violate my formatting style, and having two goats with the same name would be silly.

With that out of the way (seriously; the artist of these songs is a terrible human being, but hey, the songs are good, mostly.), let's get to the song goats that exist themselves and why I chose their ADs. All of this deep symbolic thinking should go somewhere because I spent way too long it, so it's being projected out into the void. All of the AD images are property of Goatlings.com.

No Sympathy For The Dead / EtF Demos

The Structure Falls -- Necromancer AD

Not that much to say here. The song’s kind of generally edgy and not much happens. So it gets a generically edgy AD.

Dragging Dead Bodies In Blue Bags Up Really Long Hills – Horror Villain AD

The song’s about murder, even more directly than some others. This one looks like a murderer, and also the kind of murderer who’s unsubtle enough to stick bodies in blue bags. Although, why would you ever drag anything *up* a really long hill? Wouldn't it make more sense to drag it downhill for speed and because most good places to hide bodies are downhill? I guess if you were hoping to hide the body on a mountain and make it look like they froze to death?

The Ransom -- Doc Shock AD

Storm motif fits the song’s water motifs and the menacing look fits the vibe. Also, it’s a bit of a call-forward to Ronnie vowing revenge in the FIR era with “the storm is coming”.

As You're Falling Down -- Firecracker AD

This was chosen solely based on vibes. The AD had a certain bombastic vibe which reminded me of the energy of the song. Again, not much imagery to go off of.

Dying Is Your Latest Fashion

The Webs We Weave -- Spider Fang AD

AD concerns literal spiders and the webs thereof.

When I Go Out, I Want To Go Out In A Chariot Of Fire – London Fog AD

Looks like a murderer, and the smoke/fog also fits the lyrical themes.

Situations -- Electric Pink Painted AD

This one was from before I descended into madness so was chosen more for aesthetics than symbolism, but the bright, vibrant color and the headphones fits the video and song vibe.

The Guillotine -- Ember Knight AD

They’ve got fire and a weapon and an overall futuristic vibe. All around perfect for a song about a war against machines of some sort with heavy fire motifs.

Reverse This Curse – Nightshade AD

They look like a witch, or someone else who could cast literal curses. The song also references a girl so a femme-coded AD works.

Cellar Door -- Melancholy Poet AD

Comparing murder to art and the whole “your body’s on the canvas I painted on the floor” bit has supremely Edgar Allan Poe-type vibes, and this AD also looks like a sensitive artist who totally murdered his wife.

There's No Sympathy For The Dead -- Pluto AD

No particular reason beyond pure edge, save Pluto being the god of death and their demonic look befitting the weird religious symbolism throughout the song.

My Apocalypse -- Harvest Moon AD

There’s not an AD that’s a man with an axe standing in smoke, but there is one with a scythe and a bit of a smoky/cloudy background.

Friends And Alibis -- Date Night AD

It’s sort of a love song or something? Or at least it starts claiming that Ronnie finally fell in love? I’m not really sure what this song’s supposed to be about, but whatever it is, this vibed with me. They are shaped like a friend (and/or alibi).

Not Good Enough For Truth In Cliché – Bone Chilling AD

Song uses both cold/ice and death as motifs. This AD references both.

The Day I Left The Womb -- Caregiver AD

They’re a parent (or are at least carrying around a smaller goat), which works for a song about parental issues.

Make Up – Moonlight Sonata AD

They don’t quite have makeup running down their cheeks as is described in the song, but they are one of the only ADs to be visibly crying and as such implying that. Also fits the general dark aesthetic and its femme-coded design resembles the implied female subject of the song.

FIR Demos

Shipwrecked -- Siren RAD

Folklorically speaking, sirens are associated with shipwrecks, by way of being to blame for them. Its darker color scheme makes it fit with the rest of my goats more than the base AD would.

Listen Up -- Sugar Pop Star AD

It’s a relatively poppy song. It gets a poppy AD.

The Worst Time -- Archer AD

It’s another song that’s pretty generally edgy and doesn’t have much happening in it, so the chosen AD was selected based on dark aesthetic alone.

Red Alert -- Latte Love AD
This one isn’t with my other song goats in the interest of bio formatting. I couldn’t put the same kind of lyric segment my other goats have in their bio due to sexual references.

They’re femme-coded and red. The color motif and the song being about a girl are the only parts of this song that are usable on Goatlings. Seriously. Good Girls Bad Guys is the toned-down version.

The Drug In Me Is You

Raised By Wolves -- Moon Card AD

The song references the moon at several points and the AD also has a wolf-like dog. In regards to the werewolf motif, Popular Monster is better served by the Wereling AD. In regards to tarot symbolism, its theme of the dark night of the soul and such and finding strength against / in spite of personal failings, confusion, and fear fits the lyrical themes.

Tragic Magic -- Candy Kid RAD

This one was from before I officially decided that song goats were my Thing, so there's no symbolism here, but they look emo and smug.

The Drug In Me Is You -- Sourling AD

Candy is about as close to drugs as Goatlings gets. They’re also just generally edgy and cute and I like them. Not everything has to have deep connections to the namesake song, and also, having a symbolic connection requires knowing what The Drug In Me Is You is supposed to be about.

I'm Not A Vampire -- Vampling AD

They’re a vampire.

Good Girls Bad Guys -- Radical AD

Sort of matches the party vibe and aesthetic of the music video. I’ve also heard “Radical Ronnie” used derogatorily to describe his persona ca. The Drug In Me Is You/Fashionably Late.

Pick Up The Phone -- Ghost Hunter AD

I can’t take credit for this one; it was suggested on a forum thread I made because I was stumped. The reason for its suggestion were that its equipment includes a literal phone (which Goatlings is severely lacking in despite having other computers) and that the whole song concerns him being ghosted, as the kids say, so literal ghosts make for a nice pun.

Don't Mess With Ouija Boards -- Devil Card AD

There’s no tarot symbolism here. It’s a song about a deal with the devil, at least metaphorically. The AD is the devil. What did you expect?

Sink Or Swim -- Sleepy Sea AD

Main motif of the song is water, particularly the ocean. This one felt like the most oceanic Goatling out there since while most aquatic Goatlings are just mergoats, this one is literally made of water.

Caught Like A Fly -- Fly Lord AD

They have literal flies.

Goodbye Graceful -- Skull Fairyling AD

The song is hard to visualize and concerns death, so a general death-related goat it is.

The Westerner -- Western Rogue AD

Represents the kind of cowboy anti-hero Ronnie appears to be comparing himself to based on this song’s title.

You're Something Else -- Plague Doctor AD

Song references medicine at several points. There exist more modern doctor goats, but this one fit the dark aesthetic of the rest of them better. Thank you to the person on my forum thread who suggested this, because I was stumped.

I'm Not A Hero -- Knight AD

In the same vein as I’m Not A Vampire being an AD that’s quite obviously a vampire, I’m Not A Hero gets to be an AD that’s based on an often heroic archetype.

Fashionably Late

Champion -- Skull Fairyling RAD

It matches the album cover, the song’s hard to visualize, and it being a color-inverted version of a death-themed AD is a bit of a visual metaphor for the song’s themes of coming back from the dead.

Rolling Stone -- Rose Prince AD

The song is somewhat difficult to visualize, so this AD was chosen solely for having a somewhat smug look about it. If we get an AD that’s made of literal rock or is otherwise more thematically appropriate, this one will probably be replaced.

Fashionably Late -- Gloom AD

Black and white aesthetic looks like the album cover. Femme-coded AD also works with the song referencing a female love interest and all of their friends, who Ronnie had sex with because she showed up late to an event and he got bored or something, which is one of the worst reasons for infidelity I’ve ever heard, even in the space of emo-adjacent music, which isn’t great in terms of relationship health.

Alone -- DWI AD

Let it be known that I don’t especially like this song. Regardless, this one works on several levels. Number 1, Ronnie wears a suit in the video. Number 2, the whole vibe fits the rapper-flexing thing he’s got going on. Number 3, its name being an acronym for “Deal With It” summarizes the instructions to Ronnie’s critics described within the song.

Born To Lead -- Sweet Dreams AD

This song is about as inspirational as FIR’s output gets and using an AD that’s some sort of literal king or leader would be a bit on the nose.

It's Over When It's Over -- Sea Punk RAD

See Champion. Also had an alternative aesthetic and a black and white look, which worked with the album cover for an otherwise hard-to-visualize song.

Game Over -- 8bit Goat AD

Song’s about video games and has chiptune noises in it.

Self-Destruct Personality -- Nocturnal Ninja AD

One of the most visually edgy of the Goatlings that exist. While there shouldn’t be anything on an all-ages pet site that directly represents self-destruction, this one looks pretty destructive in several capacities.

Keep Holding On – Silver Bells AD

Difficult to visualize, but the angel wings and somewhat melancholic look felt like they resonated with the song’s themes to me. Also, the overall black and white aesthetic matches the album cover.

Drifter -- Sweetheart Sheriff AD

Song’s about cowboys and has Ronnie thinking of himself as a country/Western protagonist for some ungodly reason. I was already using Western Rogue for The Westerner. Luckily, there are 2 cowboy ADs (3 if you count Yeehonk).

Where Have You Been -- Rock And Roll AD

Another difficult-to-visualize song. I needed to use this AD for my literal rock band-based goats at some point and this is as good a place to put it as any.

Just Like You

Chemical Prisoner -- Temperance AD

Temperance as in abstinence from alcohol and drugs is literally the entire central theme of the song. *mic drop – but without the stand attached because I’m better than that*

God, If You Are Above... -- Virgo AD

Song’s about religion and such. This AD looks pretty divine/angelic to me.

Just Like You -- Winter Coat AD

Has a very punchable face for a goat. Is definitely an asshole, whether they’re aware of it or not.

TBA -- AD is not yet released (Phantom Forest contest winner)
Guillotine IV -- Knightmare AD

Concerns the nightmares/hallucinations it’s strongly implied the demons pursuing our protagonist are, and concerns battle.

Stay Away -- Ninja AD

Reasonably edgy and a stealthy character sort of fits the song title and theme.

The Bitter End -- Kyuubi AD

They’re a ghost. Fits the themes of having been tortured and pain carried in one’s eyes and whatnot.

My Heart's To Blame -- Black Veil AD

Fits the melancholic vibe and title. Also, I can and will milk the EtF/FIR thing for all the homoerotic subtext it’s worth because they’ve made up now so it’s both fine and utterly hilarious.

Get Me Out -- School Days AD

Song’s about Ronnie’s high school experience. How much he hated it, but it still counts. Also, their audacious smile fits the song’s vibe.

Die For You -- Ribbon Mummy AD
This one isn’t with my other song goats in the interest of bio formatting. I couldn’t put the same kind of lyric segment my other goats have in their bio due to self-harm references.

The AD doesn’t have much of anything to do with the song other than being an undead creature but does make it a matched set with CarryOn. The songs’ themes and titles go with the commonly accepted headcanon about the 2022 Monster Masquerade mascots that Graveyard Groom’s partner died and somewhere along the way, either due to him dabbling in necromancy or the Power Of Love, got revived as Ribbon Mummy.

My Apocalypse II -- The Wheel AD

The tarot card the AD is based on’s whole theme is things being cyclical and what goes up having to come down. It fits with the core theme / chorus of the song.

Pray -- Planet Neptune AD

It resembles a god or other divine being to which one could pray, and is also associated with water, which corresponds to the song’s rain motif.

Coming Home

Coming Home -- Space Explorer AD

Title track from an album on which the album cover is an astronaut. Central theme of both album and song is space. It’s a pretty obvious choice.

Broken -- Galaxy AD

Yet another hard-to-visualize song. It references stars, I like this AD, and it fits the overall spacey themes of the album.

Loser -- Wordless Love AD

A Valentines-aesthetic mime is the best match we’re going to get on Goatlings for the time being of the theme of getting conflicting signals from your love interest and/or the conflict after a breakup between the person you were and who you are now.

I Hate Everyone -- Tatterhood AD

Goatlings are cheerful creatures. As such, it’s hard to find one who looks like they hate everyone. This one at least looks like they’ve had a bad day and the wilted flower is a bit of a visual metaphor for the…heartwarming conclusion of “I hate everyone but you”.

I'm Bad At Life -- The Lovers AD

Not only is this probably the closest FIR will ever get to a “love song”, the tarot card’s theme of being tempted into bad decisions fits the lyrical themes.

Hanging On -- The Hanging Man AD

They’re hanging. Get it? The tarot card’s theme of self-sacrifice also works with the [whatever you call the bit before the last chorus] in the song.

Superhero -- Sea Knight AD

HOW IN THE NAME OF THE GOAT PRINCE IS THERE NOT A LITERAL SUPERHERO AD? Since there’s not for now, this one, being a soldier with a bright primary color scheme, is the closest we have.

Straight To Hell -- Dusk Flight AD

I wrestled over this one for a while, but in the end, this one looked like the most thematic of the vaguely demon-esque ADs that were obtainable and that I wasn’t already using.

I Don't Mind -- Time Guardian AD

The whole theme of the song is being scared of history repeating itself in the form of cycles of abuse, so an AD relating to time makes sense.

The Departure -- Spirit Conductor AD

As well as referencing death and being an ominous-looking character, which fits the song’s vibe and themes, them being a train conductor and a character associated with travel serves as a pun on the song’s title.

Paparazzi -- Lisa AD

They look like a paparazzo, if that’s the singular. They also look like the kind of person who’d use a selfie stick, which Ronnie is apparently baffled by, and would purchase shirts, perhaps the Falling In Reverse shirt namedropped, at Hot Topic.

Carry On -- Graveyard Groom AD
This one isn’t with my other song goats because:
(a) they’re about 80% an MCR reference; the Falling In Reverse song with the same name is just a bonus
(b) Graveyard Groom, as my first Monster Masquerade team, is too cool to be at the end of my profile
(c) I created them before I lost my goddamned mind (it happens all the time)

It’s a song about mourning. They’re in a graveyard and have mourning clothes and roses and such. The theme of moving beyond bereavement also goes well with widely accepted headcanons about Graveyard Groom and who, exactly, he’s mourning (and who he was going to marry).

Neon Zombie

I don't know what's going on with this EP anymore, or if it was even ever intended as a specific EP as opposed to a byname for the 2020+ era. Until it officially releases as a specific unit, the songs I think belong to it (I don't really know since Watch The World Burn is apparently a single?) will be merged in my profile listing with non-album singles in chronological order.

ZOMBIFIED -- Zombie Punk AD

They are a literal zombie. The alternative aesthetic also resembles some of the NPC zombies in the music video and that it’s basically Ronnie taking jabs at his fans for no good reason.

P.S. -- there is a difference between "cancelling" someone in bad faith over actions they have legitimately atoned for and attitudes they've moved past, and pointing out that despite claiming to want to move past them, someone has had a consistent pattern of abusive behavior for their entire career and keeps bringing up his crimes in his Twitch subscriber animations and songs alike, while throwing tantrums if anybody else does. This song's core concept is fundamentally based in Ronnie wanting to deny any responsibility or accountability for his actions. Folks who blame any factor for their own bad actions but themselves and call all of their critics brainwashed zombies are, put shortly, not adults. If you're reading this, Ronald, the problem is not the Internet, your parents, Escape the Fate, the entire city of Las Vegas, or whoever else you're blaming. It's you. I'm not mad. I'm just disappointed because I know you're better than this, as a person and an artist alike.
Voices In My Head -- Nightcrawler AD

The black and red kind of looks like the album cover or whatever the art was that corresponded to the song when it was released. Being literally followed by spirits is also a common visual metaphor for the song’s subject.

Watch The World Burn -- Hellhound AD

Relates to literal fire and evil and also one of the only Goatlings that looks angry enough to do the song justice.

Misc. Non-Album Singles

TBA -- AD is not yet released (Phantom Forest RADs, whenever that happens)
Losing My Mind -- Night Phantom RAD

Unlike its cousin, Losing My Mind is harder to visualize, but since the songs are a matched set, I want to represent that by them being an AD/RAD pair.

Losing My Life -- Night Phantom AD

Reflections, shadows, and death/ghosts are all motifs in what segments of this song aren’t just Ronnie whining about the Internet, and this looks like a pretty shiny representation of all of those things. It’s also cheap and being an explore AD, will (eventually) get an RAD which lets it be part of a matched set with Losing My Mind, just like the songs.

Popular Monster -- Wereling AD

Ronnie turns into a werewolf in the video. Also, this AD is a quite popular monster on a meta level if its price tag means anything.


Needed Baddy Stamps

Saturday Night Auctions Exclusive

  • Apostrophe

Lunar New Year

Either Goatlings will still exist in the relevant year, or I'll have to resort to the Saturday night auctions. Probably the latter for the later ones.

  • Luck Dragon - Year of the Dragon, 2024
  • Queen Snake - Year of the Snake, 2025

Needed Badges

Year Badges

  • Year 1 Badge
  • Year 6 Badge
  • Year 7 Badge
  • Year 8 Badge
  • Year 9 Badge


  • Auction Badge
  • Spring Badge
  • Summer Badge
  • Pumpkin Badge
  • Winter Badge

Needed Trophies

  • Flutter Snap -- Bronze/Silver/Gold
  • Triple Scoop -- Bronze/Gold
  • Higher or Lower -- Bronze/Silver/Gold

AD Wishlist


  • Day Of The Dead AD
  • Masked Rival AD
  • Lovepire AD
  • Changeling AD
  • Sparkler AD
  • Kismet Kiss AD
  • Trickster AD
  • Grim Reaper AD
  • Jeweled King AD
  • Vampirella AD
  • Candy Bones AD
  • Graveyard Glam AD

Future Song Goats

  • Wereling AD

Gallery Wishlist

  • Luck Dragon Stuffie
  • Lucky Clover AD
  • Luck Dragonling AD
  • Castle BG
  • Hometown BG
  • Rainbow Worm
  • Year 5 Glasses
  • Rainbow Yum Slush
  • Pride AD
  • Rainbow Headscarf
  • Rainbow Long
  • Rainbow Short
  • Scene Kid AD
  • Rainbow Egg
  • Pinata Candy
  • Punk Pride AD
  • Rainbow Hime Cut
  • Rainbow Rock Candy
  • Crayon Box
  • Unicorn Kid AD
  • Rainbow Flower Crown
  • Unicorn Kid Bow
  • Unicorn Kid Side Bow
  • Unicorn Kid Horn
  • Rainbow Flight AD
  • Rainbow BG
  • Rainbow Crown
  • Rainbow Face
  • Rainbow Halo
  • Rainbow Rain Veil
  • Rainbow Cloud Wings
  • Jewel Bearer AD
  • Rainbow Fish
  • Rainbow Candy Cane