The Enforcer Makes Things

This is a repository of all of the free-to-use graphics I've made during my time on Neopets and elsewhere. Feel free to use them, just credit or link back to this page or any of my other presences from the homepage. If you use the Dysillusion graphics, which are based on official Neopets images, you should also credit Neopets. By the way, I'm doing webkit trickery on the adoptable boxes to remove their scroll bars, but they still work. You can scroll down in them.

Seizure warning for animated GIFs with glitching effects in the Glitchy Pride Icons section!

Microsoft Snakes - Hissi Adoptables

Microsoft Paint Hissies with Windows logos and my first serious Neopets adopt set. Were hosted on /~Zorroe. Might add new colors when they're released, but custom requests are closed. Custom trades, maybe. Ask.

Squishy Snakes - Hissi Adoptables

Hissi adopts inspired by the 5-foot stuffed snakes that are ubiquitous at zoo gift shops, formerly hosted on /~Hameses. Might add new colors when they're released, but custom requests are closed. Custom trades, maybe.

Redacted Hissies - Hissi Adoptables

Hissi adopts with censor bars, formerly hosted on /~EE0. Custom requests and trades are both open. Ask.

Neopet Colors

Alternate Colors
These can be used by anyone. These may include alternate versions of on-site colors, fake or unreleased colors, crosspaints, or unclothed versions of clothed colors. Requests are tentatively open.

Pride Flags
These can be used by anyone. Requests are tentatively open.

Dysillusion Graphics

Backgrounds and floats based on Neopets SWFs and images, formerly hosted on /~Dysillusion. All of these were screenshotted and edited in Photoshop by me. I'm periodically adding new ones whenever I encounter new Neopets SWFs for other reasons. Any resemblance to other graphic sites' content is entirely coincidental.



Glitchy Pride Icons

Icons based on various pride flags, some subset of which was formerly hosted on /~gayemo. Requests are closed indefinitely. I lost the Photoshop brushes I used to make these.

Pixel Miscellanea

Other things I made for my coding projects or pixel art practice that I'm uploading here for your use and enjoyment.

Pixel Equalizers

App Icons

Other Icons