Guys Being Dudes

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Art & Supplemental Materials

That's right, I've commissioned art of these losers for some ungodly reason. Assorted musings concerning my favorite boys will also go here whenever I feel like writing them. I have a variety of miscellaneous text files concerning Spark and/or Arlo as well. Whether they are uploaded here remains to be seen.

Art By Me

Drawing of Arlo's outfit from Your Latest Fashion.

Hypothetical AU version of Arlo where he became the Team Valor leader. He's not doing well.

Sketch sheet of some cute scenarios involving Arlo. L-R and top-bottom, Spark and Arlo being as they are in winter, Arlo in a cute Charizard hat with paws, and Arlo as a catboy. A Torracat boy, to be precise.

Tablet doodle of Arlo and his starter ca. 2009 ready to menace the Kantonian countryside do some protagonizing.

Belated Valentine's Day art of Spark and Arlo being adorable. Context for this is from a fanfic I haven't finished yet.

Art By Others

whimsyjupiter @ Goatlings

raiinbowstarz @ Toyhouse (celesticnebula @ Goatlings)

crowsCalamity @ Goatlings

Namulord @ Neocities

Butterscottie @ Pixel Cats' End

Minty @ Pixel Cats' End
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