The Music Scene Kingdom

Greetings and salutations! It's your most esteemed and exalted Enforcer, operating in their capacity as King of the Music Scene. Accept no substitutes. Unfortunately for all of you, I've essentially been a scene kid since 2014, and went thoroughly over the edge, so to speak, after developing a special interest in Falling In Reverse in 2022. So I'm going to take this out on all of you. Enjoy.

Song & Album Reviews

If you want to know about my credentials in regards to reviewing, here's the sitch. Re: Falling In Reverse, I've been familiar with their output since 2020, have had a special interest in it since 2022, and have listened to literally every song Ronald has a credit on in any capacity, including his (utterly abhorrent) solo mixtape. I'm pretty familiar with various other scene staples and such in the genre as well; if you want to see a full list of bands I'm familiar with, here's my official Music Scene Spreadsheet. "Assessed" means that I've listened to either all of their work, or if not all of it, enough to be able to speak with confidence about style.

Also, if you like any of the bands marked as assessed and liked on my spreadsheet, or have dissenting opinions (or any opinions, period) regarding the songs I'm reviewing, please contact me! I love discussing things.

Falling In Reverse

Escape the Fate