The Enforcer plays Pokémon Go!

Hello and welcome to Enforcer's Pokémon Go fanpage! Here, you can find all things that Enforcer does pertaining to Pokémon Go, including and not limited an archive of all of the game's canon lore, blogs of their adventures, information about Elaphe, the OC based on their avatar who used to be a sona but isn't anymore, and anything else they care to add. From this point forward, Enforcer will stop referring to themself in the third person.

Also, in terms of housekeeping, I'm using some webkit trickery to vanish the scroll bar in this box, at least on all major browsers. This means that to get to these pages' subsections, you can either scroll down or click the navigation to the left, whatever you prefer.

If you're wondering where my graphics are from, anything that isn't otherwise credited is either by me or based on in-game graphics, either screen-recorded myself (as in the case of the nifty transparent Pokéstop and gym near this text), or sourced externally, usually from Bulbagarden.

  • Username: ElapheGutatta
  • Team: Instinct as fxk.
  • Start Date: 7/8/2016
  • Level: 49
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