The Enforcer compiled all of Pokémon Go's canon lore!

All 3 Team Leaders | Spark | Blanche | Candela | Team GO Rocket

Welcome to Enforcer's Pokémon Go Lore Repository, or The Archives for short. This exists because when I was looking for a specific image of Candela, I got frustrated that no one on the various wikis had logged all of the promotional images and such concerning the team leaders and things got out of hand, so this happened.

Everything on this page, unless otherwise stated, was originally posted to official social media or the PokémonGoLive blog or is an in-game asset. Credit to me is not required. I've acquired some things, like transcriptions of quotes, from other sources that compile canon materials, including Bulbapedia, the main Pokémon Go Wiki, and Pokéminers.

I've gathered content concerning the team leaders and Team GO Rocket leaders, but not Team GO Rocket in general, Giovanni, or Professor Willow, as I feel that other sources have that covered. You can navigate by clicking the links to the left or above. Click on images to open at full size.

All potential spoilers will remain unmarked. Texts may reveal details about lore or special research storylines before you've encountered them. Engage at your own risk.

Content I'm Seeking
  • Screen recordings of battles with all GO Rocket leaders

If I am missing any content or any information on this page needs to be corrected, please contact me with one of the outlets on the homepage.