The Enforcer has OCs related to Pokémon Go!

This seems as good a place as any to put the characters I have who exist in...something vaguely resembling Pokémon Go canon, but don't (head)canonically exist. They're fun and I draw them sometimes, but they don't actually live in my personal perception of the "canon" Pokémon Go verse. What this means for you is that they aren't going to appear in my fanfic. Characters with the same names might, but they aren't the same beings, lore-wise, as these people.

Basically, these characters are the result of even more pure unadulterated Hyperfixation Juice than my regular OCs or fanfic universes. Those other things make at least some effort at making sense and being internally consistent. These beings don't. Abandon all hope of consistent lore, all ye who enter here.

The Prime Suspects


A fusion of myself and Arlo, born from our edgelordy bromance. Does the same kinds of things either Arlo or myself would do by ourselves e.g. watching cartoons, listening to Falling In Reverse, and being a little shit, but it's so much more fun to do that together, right?

Elaphe Gutatta

The OC who was based on my Pokemon Go of 2016. Then she kind of took on a life of zir own. Also it turned out I shared neither gender nor sexuality with them. I don't know what they are anymore, but they're not a sona.