Since all the major pronoun/term card sites either have ethical issues or layouts I don't like, I just decided to make my own.

TLDR: Unless you've known me for a very long time or in meatspace, it's Enforcer to you. They/them or xe/xem pronouns, they/them preferred unless it's grammatically confusing. Don't use honorifics. Neutral person terms where available, I like being called a "being" or "entity" if it's stylistically appropriate. If there is no widely accepted neutral term, masculine is fine. Just don't use feminine terms.

Languages I Understand

  • English - first language
  • Español - Es mi idioma segunda.

Labels That Apply

  • agender (rounds to transmasc), diamoric, *noncommittal shrug* not allo (both romantic and sexual)
  • footnote about "diamoric": I don't feel that much connection to this word specifically. I just like it better than the alternatives. I like feminine, androgynous, and neutral people. Also, seeing as I'm likely aro and possibly somewhere ace-spec, I only really "like" anyone in the abstract, so I don't consider my orientation to personally matter that much.


  • Enforcer
  • If not a version of Enforcer, my username on whatever site you're on


  • they/them/their/themself (not "themselves") - my fave, use whenever available
  • xe/xem/xyr/xemself (or xyrself) - acceptable if they/them would be grammatically confusing e.g. if you're talking about me and someone else who uses they/them in the same paragraph.
  • En español - elle o él, terminaciónes masculinos o neutrales.
  • In other languages - neutral terms would be nice if available. If not, use masculine terms, solely address me in the plural or as "hey you", whatever. Just don't use feminine terms. This is unlikely to come up online anyway since translators exist.


  • In serious settings - don't.
  • As a joke - basically anything masculine/neutral with exaltation vibes. Lord/Dark Lord, Most Esteemed and Exalted, you get the gist. My sona has a small selection.


  • descriptions, in order of preference - entity, being, person
  • as a joke - god/deity
  • informal terms - my liege/dude/guy/bro
  • Don't call me an enby. I might call myself that when referencing trope names e.g. "cute monster enby" vs. "cute monster girl/boy", but I don't feel it adequately describes me.
  • Don't call me a "human" unless it's in a saying and not describing my species e.g. "you're only human".

Love Interest Terms

  • partner/love interest
  • as a joke - boyfriend, husband
  • Don't use "kissmate", "joyfriend", or "theyfriend". The first two sound too juvenile for me and I REALLY dislike using "they" as a term for nonbinary people as a whole or identifying me by the pronoun alone.

Other Housekeeping

  • Tone Indicators - I generally don't need them, but don't mind if you use them. Sometimes, I use them myself. When I do, it's in the form of whole words in parentheses or diegetically in the text as opposed to the abbreviated ones, which I dislike.
  • Example: as opposed to "I wish Mystics would stop taking down my gyms /nbh", I'd say "I wish Mystics would stop taking down my gyms (nobody here)" or "I'm not pointing out anyone here, but I wish Mystics would stop taking down my gyms."
  • Seriously. Don't use abbreviated tone indicators in general. The ideals are good, but making people have to memorize abbreviations to get what you're saying is kinda the opposite of accessible.